COVID-19 Emergency

During the emergency the halls are closed.  The calendar is being left open to allow future booking requests, but we recommend that you do not consider a booking before September 2020.  Any booking in place will be subject to cancellation if the emergency continues.

One-off bookings during the emergency will be cancelled and, if paid, refunded.  Regular booking before the end of April have been cancelled and should not appear on the calendar.  Booking for May, and the months ahead will be removed from the calendar as soon as it is clear that the emergency will continue.  Just because a booking is in the calendar does not mean that it will happen.

Once the emergency is over we hope that regular bookings will be able to resume in the existing “slots”.

If you live in Harwell, and are passing the hall, and notice anything suspicious that might need attention, please let us know by emailing or calling 01235 835430.

To make a booking

  • Either email with your request, specifying the hall, the date and times. Please include your address and a contact phone number.
  • or make your booking on-line by opening one of the calendar views  below and then click/tap the plus sign on the date you want
Click on the image or the link Each of these calendar views open in a separate window – wider and easier to use.
Weekly view, so you can see all rooms at the same time.
Monthly  calendar. This calendar view shows booking for a month for one room at a time. so you will have to Select Room from the drop-down to see, for example, details of the Cherry Hall.
The options for Week and Agenda views, will help you see the exact times of each booking. Take care when using the arrows to move from month to month; they wobble about the screen.  Better, click on the month name to get a drop down calendar to navigate to the date you want.

Our booking system uses a service called Hallmaster. If you have registered with Hallmaster you can login to see your bookings.

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