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COVID-19 Emergency – Status

Harwell Village Hall status as Monday 19th July 2021

As of July 19th 2021 Harwell Village Hall is no longer having to operate under the Covid restrictions as previously laid down by law. Whilst the Trustees welcome the removal of restrictions there is recognition that the Covid pandemic is not yet over and the number of cases are once again rising, especially in Oxfordshire.

To that end, the hall will still provide some facilities which will allow hirers and users to take reasonable precautions to stop the spread of the virus. There will still be cleaning materials and hand sanitiser available and the QR code will still be in place for those that want to use it.  We have also left the notices in place about social distancing and the wearing of face coverings as a reminder as to what precautions can be taken if users so desire.

We would ask that hirers and users help by still providing adequate ventilation for their activity, clean down touchpoints and still take their rubbish away with them to reduce risk to our cleaning team and subsequent users.

There will no longer be any Covid 19 specific Terms & Conditions, but there is an additional clause added to the general Terms & Conditions referring to Public Health.

One final comment to make is that although the National Law has been changed to allow activities to carry on as before,  Local Authorities still have the powers to shutdown the hall or an event up until 27th September if they become aware of activities that they deem to put the community at risk.

The Trustees think that by taking a cautious approach to reopening fully that village hall life can return to “Normal” sooner rather later.

21st July 2021

About our halls

Ours is a vibrant and well-used Village Hall, originally built in the late 1920s and situated in the heart of Harwell village in the Thames Valley, Oxfordshire, just a few minutes from Didcot.

The hall is the focus of many groups from the village and the surrounding area who meet weekly or monthly in either the Orchard or Cherry Hall for a variety of pursuits including fitness and dance for both young and old, Arts and Crafts, Woodturners, Harwell WI, Short Mat Bowls, various clubs for toddlers and young children such as Fun Club, our youth theatre group Gobo Theatre and the Harwell Parish History Group.  It is also the local Polling Station and the Parish Council have an office by the foyer entrance.

The hall is available to individuals to hire for adult or children’s parties as well as other social events.  A registered charity, we are funded by the revenue from this hire which is used to cover the cost of insurance, repairs, heating, etc.

For our latest events click here.

Village Hall Redevelopment Project

We have just completed a £1.3million project to extend and refurbish the Village Hall and I am sure you will agree it looks splendid!  For details of how we did it, take a look at the Hall Redevelopment Project pages.

In 2010 the Village Hall Committee of Trustees began to explore possible options both to refurbish and extend the Hall or, move to a new site and build a new facility.

Extensive surveys were done of the usage,  both current and future and the requirements were carefully defined.  After thorough
investigation, risk analysis and consultation with the village, a decision was made:  we would remain on the existing site, extend the main hall and refurbish the existing hall!

Our Hall Redevelopment Project pages give details of the approved plans and describe how we are raising funds to realise our goal.

If you would like to help or become a trustee of our hall then please contact us for more information.

A venue for all in Harwell, Oxfordshire