These rates apply from 1 October 2019. All bookings must include set-up and clear-up time.  We put bookings back to back so as to make the maximum use of our facilities, and the coded door access system will only let you in for the duration of your booking.

Charge Both Halls Cherry Hall Orchard Hall Committee Room Foyer
Standard hourly  £25.10 £12.60 £15.80 £5.20 £5.20
Sat night £205.00 £108.00 £128.00
Extended Sat night £370.00
All day Sunday £250
Weekend £520.00
Exhibition £305.00
Kitchen, dedicated use £25.00
Call out £20.00
Deposit £200.00
PERFORMANCES See separate pages with details.

See bottom of the page for revised rates to take effect for invoices raised after 1 Oct 2019.

Hourly rates

Residents rate

Individual bookings by Harwell parish residents for private events.
25% discount on standard hourly rate. (Excludes packages).
Minimum hire 3 hours, then in 15 min slots.
Not applicable to Harwell residents booking on behalf of an organisation, even if the event is private.

Standard rate

Individual bookings for non-residents booking, and all clubs, classes and similar organisations.
10% discount for block bookings where fees are paid in advance.
Minimum hire 1 hour, then in 15 min slots.

Commercial bookings

50% premium on standard hourly rate,.
Minimum hire 1 hour, then in 15 min slots.


See table at the top for all pricing. Please also be aware of, and follow, the permitted hours defined in our premises licence.

Saturday Night Hire

All Saturday night bookings requiring the use of the kitchen will be charged at this rate, which covers hire of a hall from 1800-2400 on a Saturday, and dedicated use of the kitchen and cooker.

Note that if you are booking one hall, then the other one may be in use, with shared access to the toilets and foyer. If you are catering for full meals for more than about 50 people, it is recommended that you hire both halls.

Additional hours for setup before 1800, or return first thing on Sunday for clean-up will be charged at the hourly rate.

Extended Saturday Night Hire

1200 Saturday to 1200 Sunday (excluding midnight-0900). Additional hours for setup before 1200 on Saturday, or extended use beyond 1200 on Sunday will be charged at the hourly rate.

All day Sunday

Sunday bookings longer than 10 hours are charged at this rate, rather than by the hour.

Weekend Event Hire

1800 Friday to 1200 Sunday (excluding midnight-0900 each night)

This package is recommended for weddings, or other events requiring extended usage of the halls, maybe with catering for 50 people or more. The Orchard Hall can be used as the main function area, with the Cherry Hall used, maybe, for a band and dancing in the evening. Experience shows that caterers also appreciate the extra space available in the Cherry Hall for preparation. Rate includes dedicated use of the kitchen and cooker.

Additional hours for setup before 1800 on Friday, or extended use beyond 1200 on Sunday will be charged at the hourly rate.


Exhibitions open to the public with free admission, set-up by non-commercial organisations or individuals based in Harwell Parish, can have use of both halls at a special weekend rate with continuous use of the halls as required between 0900 on Friday (subject to no other regular bookings) until midnight on Sunday night.


See also the standard Terms and Conditions

Right to refuse a booking

Booking administration, on behalf of the trustees, has the right to refuse any booking for whatever reason, including concern over potential noise levels and other nuisances especially to neighbours.  With this in mind, the hall is unlikely to accept bookings for teenage and young adult parties.


  1. No charge if cancelled 4 weeks or more before a booking
  2. 50% of booking charge is due if cancellation is between 4 and 1 weeks before a booking
  3. 100% of booking charge is due if cancellation is 1 week or less before a booking

Payment terms

  1. For a single booking, payment is due before the event, except…
  2. For any single booking open to the public, which covers its costs by ticket sales or other fund-raising activities at the event, payment is due 30 days after the event.
  3. When an event, open to the public and covering its costs by ticket sales, requires additional bookings for rehearsal or setup time, then payment for those additional bookings is not due until 30 days after the final fund-raising event.
  4. For a series of bookings, payment is due 30 days after each event, except…
  5. When a discount for payment in advance (currently 10%) has been applied to a series of bookings, payment is due before the first event in the series.


A deposit is required for all packages (see below), adult parties and commercial bookings. If the hall is not left in an acceptable state deductions will be made before the deposit is returned. These deductions represent the cost of paying overtime to our cleaning staff. Indicative deductions are:
Rubbish disposal £20; Cooker Cleaning £50; Dishwasher emptying £10; Dishwasher draining £10; Dishwasher cleaning £10; Emptying fridge and clearing surfaces of anything left behind £10; General cleaning of floors and toilets £50.

Alcohol license

If you are just serving alcohol, there is no charge.  But if you are running a bar and selling alcohol you must inform us, as the hall licencee.  The charge for the licence is now included in the overall charges.


Hire of a hall includes shared access to the kitchen for making light refreshments (unless it has been booked separately for dedicated use).
For dedicated use of the kitchen, or use of the cooker to prepare hot food there will be a charge, unless included in a package rate.

The Foyer

The foyer is designed to provide a shared space available to all users of the hall, and to casual users looking for somewhere to meet.  If you want to use the foyer, for anything open to members of the public, for example for an exhibition, there will be an hourly charge, but you must provide access for users of Orchard Hall and the kitchen.  If you want exclusive use of the foyer you must hire the Orchard Hall and will be charged at the appropriate rate for that hall.  Even if you have booked the foyer for use with the Orchard Hall, you must be aware that users of the Cherry Hall will have access to the toilets.  If you want absolute exclusivity, then you must hire both halls.

Use of audio visual equipment (AV) in either hall

You are encouraged to make sure you know how to use the equipment in advance of your event, and to request a Village Hall representative to show you how to use it. Regular users are expected to have someone in their group who knows how to use the AV equipment. Please do not use the equipment unless you have been shown how to do so. If you need to make a call out and ask a Village Hall representative to help you use the equipment at the time of your event (subject to there being someone available) there will be a call-out charge.

Amplified music (e.g. bands and discos)

Because sound travels between the two halls, we reserve the right not to accept a second booking involving amplified music, if there is already such a booking in one of the halls.

Performances: concerts, plays, pantomimes etc.

Please see separate guidance and charges.

Bouncy castles

You must tell us if you plan to hire a bouncy castle. There is no extra charge, but please read our Bouncy Castles Policy and confirm that you will have appropriate public liability insurance.

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