Regular Users 16 March 2021

Hall re-opening details

Dear Regular Users,

You will no doubt be aware of the various dates that the government has announced to allow for the easy of lockdown. Some of you may even have been lucky enough to have had vaccines!

For the village hall, this means we cannot open at all until Monday 12th April. From then, currently we are permitted to allow:

12th April – Children’s activities (up to 15 participants only – either 15 over 5’s, or 15 parents with pre-school children), and communal worship.

17th May – Indoor exercise classes resume, controlled indoor live events (up to 50% capacity), weddings/wakes/etc up to 30 people.

21st June – limits on social contact lifted.

All of the above much adhere to our COVID terms & conditions, and as I’m sure you’re aware, are also subject to change.

Please can I ask that you now go and check on the calendar that your bookings for the coming terms are as expected, as some of you have not yet let me know if you are returning. We have lots of new users asking for evening slots so I want to make sure you all have when you need first before I offer it to them. Please also add your bookings for September onwards – now that people know they can have parties again, bookings are coming in:

Village Hall Calendar




Once we re-open, please remember:

  • To clean all touch-points, including in bathrooms
  • To empty ALL bins (again, including bathrooms!) and take away all rubbish
  • To comply with social-distancing and limited numbers
  • To ensure your participants leave the building by the end of your booked time, and do not arrive before it
  • Every booking has an extra 15 minutes (uncharged) cleaning time added on the end – this is for the above, you must still do a regular clean of putting everything away, sweeping floors, etc before this in your allotted time
  • To keep a contact-tracing list
  • To ventilate the space during use
  • To ensure that your group stays ONLY within the hall you have booked, including using the correct toilets. This means if you have booked Cherry Hall, users must not go through the door into the hallway and use the disabled toilet near the kitchen – there is an accessible toilet at the front of the building which is the sole use of Cherry Hall

Please do not touch the radiator valves in any space – the halls are set to be at certain temperatures are certain times and if you change these it will affect other users. Please use the dial on the wall, which will adjust the desired temperature of the room. If you find it always too hot or too cold, do let me know and I can adjust it for you in advance

On a more positive note, we can’t wait to get the hall opened up and for it to be buzzing with village life again! The trustees have been working very hard during lockdown to ensure everything is safe and smooth so thank you to them for that. We very much look forward to welcoming you back from either 12th April or 17th May. Please let me know if you have any questions – though don’t forget I’m not as quick off the mark as David! I only work part-time so please give me a few days to respond. Anything urgent, please text on 07970 581924.

Stay well, Amy