Parking at Harwell Village Hall

Note: If you are organising an event at the hall please make sure all your attendees know where to park, and be prepared to have someone act as a car park marshal to show people who try to park at the High Street end how to find the Westfield end.

Please only park in marked bays, and keep the side of the building clear for emergency access – it could be you that needs an ambulance.

Use the large Westfield car park for the Orchard Hall and the High Street car park for the Committee Room and Cherry Hall.

Car park Postcode for Sat Navs Capacity (including number of disabled spaces)
Westfield OX11 0LG* 24(2)
High Street OX11 0EX 10(2)

*Sat nav users please note that Westfield is permanently blocked just past Orchard Way and there is no access from Gaveston Rd.

If your preferred car park is full, there is a path running between the two car parks so either can be used when necessary.

NB If you anticipate having more visiting cars than the spaces will allow, please make arrangements with the Parish Council Clerk to use their Westfield car park (by the recreation ground).  There will not normally be a charge for this, but the Clerk will need to check that it doesn’t clash with another event. The Clerk can be reached on: 01235 820006 or by email at:

The car park is only for the use of people attending an event in a hall. Cars are parked at the users’ own risk. Please be considerate when leaving the Halls late at night and keep noise to a minimum.

Location of parking for Harwell Village Hall.
Aerial view, looking west, showing the car parks at each end of the hall. Click to enlarge. Photo credit:


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