To make a booking

  • either click/tap the plus sign on a date in the calendar below,
  • or email with your request – be sure, when emailing,  to tell us if you are a Harwell resident.

Each of these calendar views open is a separate window – wider and easier to use.

  • Weekly view, so you can see all rooms at the same time.
  • Monthly  calendar. This calendar view shows booking for a month for one room at a time, so you will have to Select Room from the drop-down to see, for example, details of the Cherry Hall.
    The options for Week and Agenda views, will help you see the exact times of each booking. Take care when using the arrows to move from month to month; they wobble about the screen.  Better, click on the month name to get a drop down calendar to navigate to the date you want.

One-off bookings go on the system as soon as they are made.

We aim to keep the calendar up to date for regular weekday bookings for an academic year at a time. Hence now (October 2017) the calendar has bookings through until the end of August 2018.

In July 2018 we will populate the calendar for Sep 2018 to Aug 2019.

One-off weekday bookings beyond Sep 2018  will be given priority over regular classes if made before the end of June 2018.  After that, a one-off booking can only be made with the agreement of the regular user.

Regular Sunday morning bookings will be asked to give way to all day Sunday, extended Saturday, and Weekend Bookings, provided that at least 6 weeks’ notice is given.

Our booking system uses a service called Hallmaster. If you have registered with Hallmaster you can login to see your bookings.


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