Welcome to Harwell Village Hall!

We have the results of the Tesco “Bags of Help” award:  we have been granted £1000 to put towards plants and trees for our landscaping requirements for the Village Hall!  Thank you for voting for us and please keep supporting us!

Bags of Help is Tesco’s exciting local community grant scheme  where the money raised from the 5p bag charge is being used to fund thousands of local projects in communities right across the UK.  Projects that bring benefit to their community get the green light – these range from improving community buildings and outdoor spaces to buying new equipment, training coaches or volunteers and hosting community events.

For details of our exciting plans to refurbish and extend our Hall, take a look at the Hall Redevelopment Project pages.

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Ours is a vibrant and well-used Village Hall, built in the late 1920s and situated in the heart of Harwell village in the Thames Valley,
Oxfordshire, just a few minutes from Didcot.

The hall is the focus of many groups from the village and the surrounding area including keep-fit, dancing, short mat bowls, arts & crafts, music groups and under-fives clubs as well as providing a venue for the local WI and the Gardeners club.  It is also the local Polling Station.

The hall is available to individuals to hire for adult or children’s parties as well as other social events.  A registered charity, we are funded by the revenue from this hire which is used to cover the cost of insurance, repairs, heating, etc.

Village Hall Redevelopment Project


In 2010 the Village Hall Committee of Trustees began to explore possible options both to refurbish and extend the Hall or, move to a new site and build a new facility.

Extensive surveys were done of the usage,  both current and future and the requirements were carefully defined.  After thorough
investigation, risk analysis and consultation with the village, a decision was made:  we would remain on the existing site, extend the main hall and refurbish the existing hall!

Our Hall Redevelopment Project pages give details of the approved plans and describe how we are raising funds to realise our goal.

If you would like to help or become a trustee of our hall then please contact us for more information.

All about Harwell Village Hall renovation and facilities